The Only Way to Survive a Tornado

By Robert Bolivar Scott

The "Tuscaloosa Ten" - The Only Sure Way to Survive a Tornado

Over 300 people have perished in one of the worst series of tornadoes the U.S. has ever experienced. And it swept through, of all places, the Bible Belt. We must ask the question many are asking: Why did God allow this, especially in an area where there are apparently so many people who know Jesus?


The answer is complex in one way and simple in another.

After all, these Bible Belt people talk a lot about God. They sing about putting their hand into the hand of the Man who stilled the waters, who spoke peace to the storm. So where were the people Jesus said would do the works He did - and even greater (John 14:12).

One factor is that many of them don't really know Jesus. They only talk the religious talk. And even those who know Him more don't use the only name that brings salvation in more ways than one (Acts 4:12), the name of Jesus. Not Lord. Not Christ. But Jesus. His name is Jesus. Titles don't cut it. His name Has power, power to save, power to save from storms, power to calm the storm.

But even when you speak the name of Jesus, to have real results you need to know who you are in Him, and over 99% of Christians don't know their identity in Jesus. They think they are sinners, unworthy of Jesus doing miracles through them.

The sad truth is that God has given the U.S., including the religious people of the Bible Belt, ample opportunity to turn back to Him in repentance. A call for repentance went out the day of 9/11, and God gave the U.S. seven days to repent before the beginning of the seven years of sorrow Jesus prophesied, days that began, according to divine revelation, seven days after 9/11, the Day of Trumpets, September 18, 2001.

God has withheld His protection since that time. However, true believers can take authority over their homes and their families according to Psalm 91 and be confident no tornado will touch their loved ones. We covered our family in South Carolina that way in the recent tornado outbreak. In the disastrous Edmonton tornado in 1987, before I moved to Edmonton, my friend and colleague Gerald Budzinski told me that the neighbors saw the tornado try to sit down on his home but lift off immediately. They were in the basement (where we have our present sanctuary) praying for protection.


But what about saving a city? Tuscaloosa is one of those city names you tend to remember. And tornadoes hit that city hard.

While the circumstances were quite different from the night of sorrows that hit Tuscaloosa, a principle applies from Genesis 19:32. God told Abraham that if only ten righteous people remained in a city, He would spare it from His judgment. In this case, it wasn't God's judgment on Tuscaloosa. It was Satan's fury that God allowed because He had ceased protecting the whole nation.

But if ten true believers heard the tornado watch or warning and came in agreement to declare that the storm would not attack their city, or declare peace to it as it neared, or sent it in Jesus' name to an unpopulated area, it would not have harmed Tuscaloosa. Nor would Edmonton had been ravaged in 1987 with the same agreement.

The nation is past the time of repentance, but the true believers can change things in their area of influence and be protected according to God's promises, if they choose to claim them in faith and speak them out with authority in Jesus' name.

"The Tuscaloosa Ten" could have saved that city and avoided a night of sorrows, a Tuscaloosa night they will not soon forget.

Prayer for the Survivors

Father, we pray for the survivors of these many tornadoes that have affected the United States. We bless them with the comfort of the Holy Spirit, especially those who have lost loved ones. We bless them with peace and with the power and wisdom to seek the real Jesus and their identity and ability in Him, in Jesus' name, amen.

Robert B. Scott is an author, pastor, and healing and teaching evangelist. He pastors Freedom Church of God in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he is a regular speaker on the popular radio Internet station, http://www.freedomtruthseekers.com. His author web site is http://www.robertbscott.net, He has published "Why Doesn't God Heal Me?" as well as "Peace or Rejection -- You Choose." His latest book is, "Bible Code Broken -- The Truth about the Christian Sabbath.Very soon to be published is God's Fruit of Forgiveness, an insightful book on forgiveness he co-authors with Youth Pastor Scott Bishop. Robert is priviileged to work with Gerald Budzinski, who is one of the foremost authorities today on curses and demonic strongholds.

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