Survival Skills - The Best Way to Travel Through a Tropical Jungle

By Mandy Wise

With more experience, movements through heavy undergrowth and also jungle can be achieved effectively. At all times put on extended sleeves to prevent slashes and also scrapes.

To maneuver effortlessly, you have to develop "jungle eye," that's, you shouldn't focus on the actual pattern regarding bushes and also trees and shrubs to your immediate front. You have to target the jungle further away and also locate natural breaks or cracks within the plants. Examine the jungle, not at it. Cease and also stoop down from time to time to check down the jungle ground. This course of action might uncover game paths that you could follow.


Remain alert and walk slowly and steadily via thick forest or jungle. Cease occasionally to pay attention and also get your bearings. Make use of a machete to chop through thick crops, but do not cut needlessly or else you will rapidly wear your self away. When utilizing a machete, stroke up whenever cutting vines to cut back sound since sound bears lengthy distances within the jungle. Make use of a stick to part the crops. Utilizing a stick may also help disengage stinging bugs, spiders, or even snakes. Don't grasp at brush or even vines whenever going up the slopes; they might possess annoying spines or even razor-sharp thorns.

Several jungle and also forest creatures stick to game paths. These types of paths wind and also cross, yet regularly lead to drinking water or even clearings. Start using these paths whenever they lead into your preferred path of travel.

In lots of nations, electrical as well as phone lines run for a long way via sparsely lived on locations. Generally, the right-of-way is apparent enough to permit simple travel. Whenever traveling alongside these lines, be cautious when you approach transformer as well as exchange stations. Inside enemy territory, they might be secured.


Determine your original location as precisely as you possibly can to ascertain an over-all line of travel to safety. If you don't possess a compass, make use of a field-expedient path discovering technique.

Take stock associated with drinking water supplies as well as gear.

Go one way, although not always inside a straight line. Stay away from hurdles. Within enemy territory, make the most of organic cover and also concealment.


Go smoothly in the jungle. Don't blunder throughout because you're going to get a lot of slashes and also scrapes. Move shoulders, shift your sides, flex your body, and also reduce or increase your step as required to slide among the undergrowth.

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