Emergency Survival Tips - How to Survive In a Desert

By Jim I Paskuly

Did you ever have this feeling about an exciting trip to the desert? However, you must know that a thrilling trip to a desert can turn out to be a nightmare in case you get lost. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to know about all the possible survival strategies in a desert before you start your escapade. In this article, we will share emergency survival tips and information on what you need to know about how to survive in a desert.


Do you feel ecstatic thinking about an exploration right into the heart of a desert? Well, there are dangerous consequences associated with it. Have you ever thought of how you would save yourself in a situation when you get lost in a desert? It is always advisable for you to be prepared beforehand so that you can face the situation with a cool head. Your preparation will make sure that you can make a safe return from a situation that could turn fatal. Here are some important, helpful tips to help you survive in the desert.

Getting water with solar still method and other techniques

Getting water in the desert is indeed a crucial factor that decides the length of your survival. You might need to use some unique methods to get water. For example, the solar still method. Those who are acquainted with the ways of the desert use this technique to produce water.

The procedure is quite simple. If you have to produce water in a harsh and dry setting, first you will need condensation bags or plastic bags. You will be required to dig into the soil and create a hole. Then you have to cover the hole with plastic. The heat of the sun will make water evaporate from the soil. This way you will find water in condensed form inside the plastic.

You can also look for water at the low-lying areas and at dry streambed. The method of using a transpiration bag will be useful too.

Creating a proper shelter

Creating a proper shelter is essential to save you from the hazards of the desert. You can create a sandwich shelter or a lean to type shelter. These kinds of shelters are easy to build. You can make the shelters with the help of ponchos, casualty blankets, space blankets and cords. Therefore, you need to keep them in your survival kit. However, make it a point to build the shelter after the sun sets. This way you will be able to preserve water in your body.


Essentials of a proper survival kit

As it comes to the survival kit, you need to keep in mind that it has to house equipments and medicines that will come handy to you. Here is the detail of what it should contain:

  • Water purification tables
  • Water proof matches
  • Hooks and sinkers
  • Pen knife
  • Space blanket
  • Granola bars (to provide you with energy)
  • Small signal mirror
  • Metal match

First aid kit

A first aid kit is indispensable whenever you make a visit to the desert and so you should always carry it with you. The first aid kit will save you from sprains, burns, bone fractures, fungi, hypothermia, hyperthermia and so on.

Navigational technique

With navigational techniques, you can make your way to safety. Therefore, you need to learn and grab navigational tools and skills minutely before you set out on your journey through the desert. For example, the use of GPS receiver, topographic maps, trail maps, compass, dead reckoning system, celestial navigation techniques and so on.

Keep these essential emergency survival tips in mind. Do not get edgy and don't panic. Following the abovementioned tips and maintaining a level headedness, you will be able to have the knowledge on how to survive in a desert until the rescue party reaches you.

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